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Computer Hardware Maintanance

We offer services to maintain computer, laptop, desktop computer, branded computer, assembled computer, printer, scanner, ADSL modem, and other connected devices.

Computer Networking

We offer services to setup network at your office, branch office or home, we can help you to setup Wireless LAN, Wired Lan and Wide Area Networking. We can also help you to setup virtual private networking, remote sharing and remote dekstop services over internet.

Data Backup & Restore

We can help you to setup data backup and restore services using backup software and devices, we can help you to setup a backup system for your office file server, database server, mail server or web server.

Virus/Malware Removal & Protection

We can help you to remove virus from your computers or servers, we can also help you to setup antivirus on your computers, enabled with other security options which can reduce the risk of virus infection or data loss.

Server Installation & Maintenance

We offer server maintenance services for Windows & Linux based server systems, including Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Red Hat Enterprise Server, Fedora and CentOs. We also provide services for setting up File Server, Mail Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007.

Internet Sharing & Security

Internet sharing helps you to share one internet connection with different users thorugh Wifi or LAN, we offer services to setup internet connection sharing and enabling internet security to ensure your private networks remain protected.

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