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We undertake amc of personal computers or desktops whether branded or assembled, we offer both comprehensive and non comprehensive amc of computers, under the amc of computers, we maintain your computers and keep them in a running condition by regular inspection and servicing.

Assembled or Branded

We support all major brands desktop computers which includes HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Asus and LG. Under our AMC of computer, we regularly visit your office and inspect whether the computer are facing any problems and we fix the problem before it hapmers your business.

Comprehensive AMC For Desktops

Under comprehensive AMC of computers, we fix all the faulty parts, and if any part is under warranty, we get them serviced by the designated service station, with us, you dont have to worry about your computers, we take care of them and keep them running and functioning.

Non Comprehensive AMC for Desktops

Under non comprehensive AMC of computers, we fix the faulty parts at a minimal fee, we also get your hardware service at respective hardware service center.

Computer Ugrade

We also offer services to upgrade your computer like upgrade of ram, upgrade of hard disk, installing cpu fan, installing cooling fan, replacing smps etc

We undertake computer amc service from 15-2000 computers, whether public/private sector or government, we can also provide resident engineer who will be available in office hours to promptly fix any problem which may arise at your office.

We offer computer amc service in Kolkata, we support both branded computers and assembled computers, we also assemble computers.

We provide IT services in Kolkata and nearby regions including Burdwan, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Durgapur, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Sikkim.

GSTIN: 19ABJPL4581B1ZM   |   IEC: 0206023235   |   MSME ID: UDYAM-WB-14-0021114   |   COE - 192065318996

Latest News

June, 2014

Resident Engineer

Hire resident engineer to take care of your IT assets on a regular basis, complete support for Servers and Workstations.

Mar, 2014

System Security & Antivirus

Secure your IT Infrastructure with our expertise, we are security consultants for many organizations, we also offer best antivirus for your system.

December, 2013

Disaster Recovery

Accidents can happen anytime, plan your disaster recovery solutions so that you dont lose your valueable data.


Why hire Kolkata Computers

Kolkata Computers offers IT asset management services throughout Kolkata, we have over 15 years of experience in managing IT assets, we regularly monitor the hardware and performance to ensure zero downtime, with us you not only cut costs on your IT operations but also assure Peace of Mind.