Computer AMC

A desktop computer requires to be maintained from time to time, it needs special care in order to keep it running throughout the year, just like other devices, a computer is also a machine, and we need to take care of this machine both internally (software) and externally (hardware).

We at Kolkata Computers perform routine checkups to ensure your desktop computers work perfectly in times, with regular maintenance, we reduce the downtime of the device, regular inspection ensures that the device works perfectly in every situation.

Some of the services we offer under Computer AMC –

  • Regular health checks of CPU and Monitor
  • Regular maintenance of CPU, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
  • Inspection of Operating System, Performance of the machine
  • Regular operating system updates, antivirus updates
  • Hard Disk Maintenance, Optical Device maintenance, Motherboard Inspection
  • Installation of Software, Printer, Scanner
  • Setup Wireless, Broadband, WiFi Router

We provide Computer AMC for both assembled and branded systems, we can also maintain and upgrade your computer with additional hard disk and ram. We also troubleshoot problems like cpu heating, computer not booting, network problems, printer related settings, computer security and antivirus system.