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Lower your costs by outsourcing your computer maintenance services to Kolkata Computers, a brand which you can trust, we offer annual maintenance contract where we INSURE your computer (be that desktop pc, laptop or notebook) to work with 0.00 - 0.40% downtime, we respond in 2-6 hours (for business concerns). We understand how important your computer is for you, whether you are a stock broker, an educational institute, a trading company or a government company, we can offer our services as per your satisfaction levels.

In 2009, we are entering into the server maintenance, where we would offer services to maintain servers and clusters for both windows and linux based operating systems, we would also be offering our services in the region of computer clusters and grid, we would soon update our website with the related details.

We are capable to maintain almost any Desktop Computer, whether its assembled, or branded or imported, by the end of March, 2009, we would also be offering computer maintenance services for Apple /Mac based computers.

Our vision for the future

Our vision for future is simple, we want to make the computer (machine) more reliable. At present, a simple power failure sometimes corrupts your computer hard disk, and you lose all your important documents and files, un-protected internet connections, wireless lans allows hackers to use your computer without your intention, poorly configured operating and network systems reduce the overall performance of the computers, we want to put a check on day to day problems related with computers and networks.

Help us to help you, protect your computer with us

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