Disaster Recovery

If your infrastructure is down due to a hardware failure or any other reasons, then Kolkata Computers can help you to recreate your infrastructure within a short span of time. Whether it is a server or disk failure, or whether your office has encountered a natural disaster, we will try our level best to recover what we can and we help you to start your business with minimal loss.

We support the following incidents at the moment –

Application Server Failure – This is the case where your application server is down due to disk failure or any other component, we can repair your server and help you to regain control of your application.

Database Server Failure – If you are storing information in a RDBMS Server like Oracle or MS SQL, we will repair the database server so that your application starts smoothly.

Network Failure – Sometimes the networking equipment like Switch, Router, Bridge, Wires fail, we can repair or recreate your network so that your office can start working smoothly,

Mail Server Failure – If you have an in-house email server like Zimbra or Microsoft Exchange and if it has stopped working then we can recover the mail server and help you to start your email activities within a short span of time.

ERP Server Failure – If you are using any ERP applications like SAP or Navision and if due to some reasons the server is not working properly, then we can recover the ERP System for you.

Infrastructure Failure – Unfortunately, sometimes you lose control of your infrastructure due to various reasons like Flood, Earthquake or any other natural disaster, in such cases we try our best to recover whatever is available and help you to restart your business activities.