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We offer computer and server maintanance services in Kolkata.

We offer services for computer maintanance, server maintanance, computer networking, computer, printer maintanance, local area networking, wide area networking, server maintanance, wireless networking, laptop maintanance, data backup and data recovery.

We also provide computer networking security, internet security, virus/malware protection & removal services on annual maintanance contract basis.

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Server AMC and Server Maintenance

Are you looking forward to maintain your servers - Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL / Database Server, Linux Server, SAP Server, ERP Server, VMWare Server, Solaris Server

We maintain all types of server, we provide both software and hardware support for server, contact us for server maintenance services, we also setup new servers.

UPS Maintenance

We also provide services for maintaining your UPS, we can handle both Online UPS and Offline UPS.


Looking for reliable computer amc, we offer computer amc service in kolkata and parts of west bengal for private sector and government, contact us for more information.

Our Computer AMC Service includes:

  • Computer Maintenance
  • Laptop Maintenance
  • LAN/Wifi/WAN Management
  • Printer Support
  • Internet & Email Support
  • Antivirus & Firewall Support

AMC Terms & Conditions

Virus Problem Solution

Complete solution to virus problem, we at Kolkata Computers offer complete solution for Virus problems with robust Antivirus software made in Europe.

Cloud Backup Solution

Secure your files from getting deleted, save them on cloud, we at Kolkata Computers offer cloud backup solution which will backup all your documents and files on cloud.

Call +91 90518 78713 for more details

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